If you’re getting ready to install vinyl or fibre-cement siding, there are many things to consider, such as durability, energy efficiency, color, and more. As one of the leading siding contractors in New Jersey, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve been doing this a long time. After all this experience, our biggest piece of advice when selecting a siding product is to remember that these products are meant to last decades.
Remember: Vinyl is Final
Unlike traditional wood siding, which requires painting (and thus the opportunity to switch up your color scheme), low maintenance alternatives such as vinyl or fibre-cement siding will keep their color for years. Simply put: “Vinyl is Final,” so pick a classic color that will complement your home for years to come.
More Tips
Below are some more helpful tips for getting your siding color just right:
  • Keep in mind how long you plan to stay living in your current home. If you’re planning on bringing your home to market within the next 5-10 years, its best to consider a neutral color that people will not find particularly unappealing. If you plan to own your home for many years, you can have a little more fun and pick something you really like.
  • Consider the architecture of your home. For example, whites and neutrals are great on homes large and small, and allow the little details to really shine. Colonial homes, however, look great in traditional color schemes, like reds, yellows, greens, and blues.
  • If your house doesn’t have much detail, consider going for dark grey, with white or black trim for a clean and contemporary look.
  • Grey is great, but… If you like gray, but want something different, consider a dark brown. It looks equally contemporary, but just a little different.
  • Consider the color of the homes on either side of yours. Avoid picking something close to your next door neighbor, you want your house to have a sense of individuality. With that said, consider picking a color that compliments the homes around you. We always recommend customers take their samples outside to visualize their color choice, and even hold them up to the neighbors house
  • Last but not least, consider your landscaping. If you have a lot of shrubs and trees on your property, consider something that will work well with all that green. If you have flowers or blooming bushes and trees, pick a color that will serve as a great backdrop to their colors.

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