So you’ve decided to replace your roof? Now comes the exciting part: picking a color.
In our opinion, your roof is a great way to add contrast to your home, but it should rarely make a statement in itself. We always suggest to our clients that they pick something that will complement their home for years to come, but won’t distract from the house, or become regrettable after the novelty wears off.
In order to pick the perfect color for your roof, you need to start by evaluating the current color scheme of your house (or if you plan to paint or re-side, the proposed color scheme):
  • White: If your house is white, consider a contrasting dark roof color. Some of our favorites are GAF ‘Charcoal’ and Owens Corning ‘Estate Gray’. If you’re not a gray person, consider a light brown that mimics the look of a cedar roof; some of our favorites are GAF ‘Shakewood’ and Owens Corning ‘Amber.’
  • Dark: If your house is a darker color, such as gray or a brown, we recommend picking a dark roof color. For a roof that can stand up to a dark colored home, you will want want to look at GAF ‘Charcoal’ or Owens Corning ‘Onyx Black.’
  • Blue: If your house is blue, you will want to pick a similarly cool-toned roof that will complement your home. For a cool gray, we like GAF ‘Oyster Gray’ and ‘Pewter Gray,’ as well as Owens Corning ‘Quarry Gray’ and ‘Slatestone Gray.’
  • Neutral/Beige: If your house is a neutral to beige color, consider a dark roof color for some contrast. GAF ‘Charcoal’ and Owens Corning ‘Onyx Black’ are dark colors that complement beige well. We would also suggest avoiding a brown hue, which can look drab on a beige home.
What if your home doesn’t fall into one of these categories? Well, if your home is another less common color, such as red or yellow, consider a product that mimics either Cedar Shake or Slate. For a cedar look, we like GAF ’Shakewood’ or Owens Corning ‘Amber or ‘Driftwood.’ ‘Colonial Slate’ is a wonderful blend of grays with hints of red, to emulate classic slate roofing.
No matter what you decide, remember that your roof is supposed to last for decades. So keep that in mind when selecting a roof color, as what you like today, you may not like in 10-20 years. Now go have some fun looking at different roof colors, and don’t be afraid to get creative!