Navigating the Replacement Window Market

Getting ready to replace all or some of the windows in your home can be an overwhelming process. Between selecting a contractor, manufacturer, and style, there are literally dozens of options to sift through. Assuming you’ve already made the smart choice of selecting us to complete job, you still have a number of choices to make.

  • The first, are you looking for a Woodgrain or Vinyl Window?
    • White Vinyl windows are the most affordable option, but don’t expect a lack of quality. Sunrise White Vinyl Windows are made right here in the USA outside Detroit, Michigan. They have double paned Low E glass, Insulated with a layer of Argon Gas for extra an extra thermal barrier. They have a narrower frame than your typical low-cost vinyl window, allowing the most sunlight in as possible and a very attractive look.
    • If you need a woodgrain finish to match existing woodwork in your period home but need to stay within a certain price range, you may want to consider Sunrise’s line of Wood Laminate Interiors. This is a high-quality laminate application, printed to have a very realistic woodgrain look. Species and finishes include English Walnut, Colonial Cherry, Provincial Oak, Norwegian Maple, and More.
    • If you live in a home that calls for real wood, our recommended Brand is Andersen Woodwright 400 series. This probably be be your most expensive option but depending on the home there is something to be said for real authentic wooden windows. Andersen Windows are famous for looking like a historically accurate window and performing like a modern window. They are truly the best of both worlds, but you pay a premium price. That being said, if you’ve gotten Andersen quotes already that were too high, consider having us give you our best price on them, we may surprise you!
  • The Second Choice is Choosing your Grid Style
    • The most cost-effective option will be to get no grids. This may not look as nice as other options, but you will save a bit of money and still get a beautiful new window
    • The first upgrade is to flat, between the glass style grids. This gives the appearance of colonial style grids, at an affordable price point
    • The next upgrade is Divided lights. This is the most historically accurate and high-end finish, the grills are on the outside of the windows, simulating the days when high glass costs meant windows were made of small panes joined together by grids.
    • While 9 out of 10 times customers choose traditional colonial style windows, you are not limited to those options. Below are examples of the different lay outs you can choose from. Contact the office if you want to talk more about how we can complement your homes existing style!