About Me

My name is Ed Carolan, Jr. As the son of contractor, I have been fascinated by homes and structures since I was a kid, whether I was visiting job sites around beautifully old Essex County, New Jersey with my dad, or walking the neighborhoods of my hometown of Westfield, New Jersey with my mom. Now I am lucky to work in the business with my father, dedicating my days to helping people improve their homes.

I’ve always wanted to know more about home styles and their components, and growing up I absorbed everything I could. I learned the difference between double-hung and casement windows, the different styles and materials of home facades, the various trim profiles, and all the rest. At this point I could probably write a dictionary of home jargon.

The Aesthetics of Classic vs. Modern

I have always found myself most drawn to the very old, modest Spanish and Dutch Colonials that dotted my street growing up, as well as the larger Victorian homes around town, with their seemingly endless amount of delicately painted woodwork. From a young age I have always appreciated the old, classic styles, as opposed to the “modern” McMansions that have, regrettably, been slowly replacing the charming homes I once knew. In home design and construction there will always be a debate between form vs. function, but there is no reason to sacrifice either.

So as soon as I graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in 2017, I joined the family business and got to work preserving old homes. At Carolan Contractors, our whole business is preserving and renovating existing homes, rather than demolishing and building new. Where other’s see a “knock-down,” we see potential.

After a couple years in the business, my love of homes and home styles has only grown, especially as I’ve been able to work on so many different projects. To continue my education and get even better at my job, I enrolled in an Interior Design Program at Parsons School of Design, part of The New School in Manhattan. At Parsons, I honed my skills to better serve clients in home improvement, as well as get a large knowledge base in the world of interior design.

About Our Blog, Home Savvy

In this blog, I will discuss all manner of home improvement and construction, with a focused eye on design and aesthetics. We will cover a range of topics, from how to select the right roof color, to tips on replacing your windows. At Carolan Contractors, we provide a range of services, from deck replacement to siding to masonry, and this blog will touch on all of it. My knowledge of design always plays a part in working with clients to execute their vision to its fullest potential, and I hope these articles inspire and educate you.