Once you’ve decided on a contractor and material for your siding renovation, there a few more considerations to make sure you get the most out of your project.
For example, now is the time to make other upgrades to your homes exterior: these should be decided on and included in your siding contract ahead of time. Aside from the finishing touches that make your siding renovation a true exterior home makeover, you should also consider the eccentricities of your home. To ensure your project goes smoothly, make your contractor aware of any unique aspects of your home ahead of time, so it doesn’t come up while the job is going on and cause a schedule delay.

Tips on Finishing Touches

  1. Do you want shutters or decorative trim on your windows? Shutters are typically louvered (with slats), or raised panel. Options for window trim range from simple crown molding to decorative Fypon Crossheads in a range of profiles. You can apply these treatments to all of your windows, or just the ones in front. Decorative trim also nicely dresses up a sliding door or garage door.
  2. Consider entryway trim. New low maintenance pilasters and a mantle to match your window trim will make your front door a great first glimpse at your home.
  3. Another great place to add some character and charm through detail is fascia trim. Either stately dentil trim or classic crown molding are a great finishing touch just under the roofline.

Tips for a smooth renovation

  1. Does your home have any built-in china closets, book cases,  or storage closets on the exterior walls? What about radiators recessed into the walls? When installing siding, your contractor is putting nails in the exterior walls of your house, so make they’re aware of these special attention zones. Other items you want to let your contractor know about include fuse boxes and AC draining systems.
  2. If you want to top off your exterior makeover with new house numbers, a new mailbox, new door bell, etc., try and have those ready when your project begins. Contractors are of course happy to install small items, but as an example, we just want you to make sure the wiring on your doorbell is functional.
  3. If you want the exterior light fixtures replaced, order them ahead of time so they are ready when your project begins.
  4. Last but perhaps most important, if you have paintings, mirrors, or knick-knacks mounted to the walls bordering the exterior of your home, remove them. These items can often fall when installing siding. If any items are too large for you to manage, ask for help.

Replacing the siding of your house is a big undertaking, but Carolan Contractors has decades of experience in New Jersey – so give us a call at (973) 857-1555 to see how we can help you!